Tasting Squares Folio Box

Tasting Squares Folio Box

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The Folio Box is an elegant way to give a variety of our chocolates. Each box contains 12 of our 5 gram chocolate tasting squares. An ideal introduction to the world of artisan chocolates.

Choose from the Creme or Silver Frame boxes.

Each box contains: 3 each of 41% Milk Chocolate, 62% Semisweet Chocolate, 70% Bittersweet Chocolate and 82% Extra Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares.

  • Surprise your favorite oenophile with this beautiful box and a few bottles of wine. Both fine wine and premium chocolate have complex flavors that are worth savoring – and they’re even better together!
  • Each SCHARFFEN BERGER Tasting Square is honed with a wine-maker’s attention to craftsmanship, making this gift box the perfect choice for chocolate lovers and gourmands.
  • Display this beautiful Folio Box at your next corporate event, and impress coworkers and customers with your impeccable taste.

A distinctive taste experience