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82% Extra Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares - Bulk Box

82% Extra Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares - Bulk Box
300 Piece Bulk Box

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Like fine red wine, our 82% Extra Dark Chocolate has rich notes of dried figs and a mild, peppery spiciness. The intense chocolate sensation lingers on your palate with surprising pleasure.

  • Certified kosher
  • Gluten free
  • Perfect for chocolate connoisseurs

Why Pair Chocolate with Wine?

Both fine wine and premium chocolate have complex flavors that are worth savoring. Enjoying chocolate and wine together creates a delicious harmony of tastes and textures.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate and Wine: The Perfect Pair

Before he became a chocolate-maker, John Scharffenberger was one of California’s most respected wine makers. He approached chocolate with the same sophisticated palate and attention to detail. That’s why Scharffen Berger chocolates are perfect for wine pairings: each one has a nuanced flavor profile that rivals those of the finest wines.

What to Pair with 82% Extra Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares

High cacao varieties pair well with full-bodied wines. We recommend Amarone for our 82% Extra Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares. This full-bodied Italian red, with its flavors of licorice, tobacco, chocolate and fig, is seemingly made for dark chocolate.

  • Unwrap a square of dark chocolate and place on top of a frosted cupcake for a gourmet touch.
  • The next time you’re wrapping a birthday gift, toss a few of these dark chocolate tasting squares into the box for an added touch of refinement.
  • Pair these 82% Extra Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares with your favorite red wine for a decadent mingling of flavors.

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